bubba's story

 On July 16, 2016 John C. "Bubba" Carter died of a drug overdose.

Bubba was first introduced to drugs at the young age of 13. He began drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. His addiction rapidly progressed into heavier drugs such as, pills, cocaine, and heroin. Through the years, Bubba fought hard to live a life of sobriety, and attended his first rehab at the age of 15. As he continued to struggle, he again entered his second rehab at the age of 16. After leaving his second rehab he attempted to attend AA, and NA meetings weekly. Battling with his anxiety he had a fear of not being accepted by his peers. The stigma of drug addiction surrounded him everywhere he went. While he was dealing with his own demons, he lost friends along the way to this horrible disease. This effected him greatly. During this time his family and friends continued to reach out and offer love and support.

On March 17,2016, Bubba with the help of family and friends entered his final detox and rehab before he died. After three weeks there he left the facility and returned home where he continued to spiral out of control. At some point, which we learned later, he maintained 30 days of sobriety on his own between March and April. He was very proud of himself. We then learned he relapsed in May of 2016.

Two weeks prior to his death on June 30, 2016, his family and friends attempted an intervention. At this time Bubba was no longer living at his mother's home. Although his family kept in contact with him, they had decided to stop enabling him hoping he would choose recovery again. During this intervention the police were also involved and tried to help him but because Bubba knew all the "right" words to say to the police their hands were tied. We learned at this time that Bubba had started using heroin intravenously.

On the same day, but before the intervention, Bubba's last conversation with his sister Kailynd he talked about his struggles, but also talked about his goals. Kailynd frequently recorded conversations with Bubba, hoping that one day she could use them as a strategy to encourage him into a life of sobriety. She also wanted to show him that throughout these recordings it showed that he did not want to be this way, and truly wanted to be strong enough to be sober. Unfortunately, after the last recording she got we received the horrific news that he had died of a drug overdose on July 16, 2016.

Even though Bubba was an addict it never stopped him from caring for, and loving others. He was always putting people before himself. After his death, we have had many strangers and also friends contact us and tell us stories about their interactions with him. Bubba always expressed to his family, that he was an outsider and did not have many friends but we could see that, it was his addiction making him believe those lies. As we have seen from the out pour of support from family, friends and the community Bubba was loved beyond measure.

Our goal as a non-profit organization is to sponsor those who struggle with substance use disorder as they transition out of rehab into a sober living home learning how to adjust back into society having a fun, sober lifestyle.. 

Although we know this may not be easy, we are asking for the help of anyone who is willing to donate and / or participate in fundraisers so that we can achieve this goal. We are also open to ideas that anyone has to offer to make Bubba's Home a success in helping those in need.  Together we can make a difference.

We thank you all for all your support and encouragement along the way!